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Keira Crowther

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Hello 👋🏻 I'm Keira. 

I'm a UX/UI Designer by day and an Illustrator/Graphic Designer by night. Penn State & SCAD alum. Based in Boca Raton, Florida 🌴. I'm passionate about designing meaningful experiences that shape the way we interact with technology.

My Work


Dear Diary App Concept

Most journal apps are congested with too many tasks, prompts, buttons, etc. The Dear Diary app was created to keep track of desires, manifestations, gratitude, and daily musings in a simple and efficient way. 

Bank Of America UI Concept

Re-imagined the UI design of Bank of America's mobile app.


ARIES E-Commerce Concept

Aries is a women's fashion brand that offers a responsive website design for customers who are interested in ordering products online. 

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SleepBetter App

 SleepBetter is a mobile app that motivates users to fix their sleeping schedules and wake up on time by competing with friends and earning rewards. The goal behind SleepBetter is to help the user wake up at their desired time by providing rewards like collectible white noise sounds and virtual points as incentives.

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Responsive Website for COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments. 

 This prototype was created in March 2021 and was inspired by the country's lack of direction when it came to COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and where/when a person could book a vaccine appointment. Because vaccine distribution was handled differently throughout each state, the problem was how unnecessarily complicated it was to find information on when and where to get the vaccine.

Inktober Illustrations

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